All About Vegetarianism

I’ve decided to write this article when people confront me with many questions on why I chose to become vegetarian. I am often asked if it is for the well-being of animals, or if I simply do not enjoy the taste or texture. I am going to provide you with 6 solid reason why you should consider going plant-based:

1) Health:

Though lean white meats such as chicken or turkey contain low levels of cholesterol, the true threat to your overall and notably cardiovascular health, is red meat. In addition to high levels of cholesterol, many fats are found in red meats such as beef. To improve health in people with high cholesterol, a quinoa bowl would be a way better option than that “Steak au Poivre.Sorry…

2) Pollution:

It may be a surprise to some, but cows release enormous amounts of Ch4 (methane) into our environment contributing to the depletion of our ozone layer. Cows are bred at a shockingly high rate and are often fed a high fiber diets which cause the animals to have abnormal amounts of gaseous bowel movements and flatulence.

3) Water Consummation:

The meat industry is a thirsty one: 1 Ib of beef requires up to 25,000 gallons of water (94635.295 liters). Parts of our planet are in severe need of potable water in order for malnourished people around the world to obtain sufficient amounts of liquid (without containing harmful chemicals and excessive amounts of carbohydrates). If we saved all of the water we use for meat production, we would have more than enough water to feed the 7 billion humans of our world.

4) Land:

Acres and acres of forests and woodland are cleared for meat production everyday. If this land were utilized for growing crops for the malnourished and famished citizens of the world, we would have more than enough produce to feed the population of the Earth. We could also use the land to reintroduce native flora and fauna to re-create natural habitats for wildlife that we have lost over the decades.

5) Animal Rights:

Unfortunately, a large percentage of the meat industry has failed to provide sustainable and responsibly raised animals: many calves are separated from their mothers within a few hours after birth, the animals are caged and often times chained to walls and nourished with “food” of very poor quality. Antibiotics and Artificial Growth Hormones (rBst etc…) are used in the diets of these animals, causing pain in their development which is unhealthy and harmful to their health.

6) Light on Your Wallet:

It is said that the U.S will spend on average $1 trillion on meat products. Even high quality, organic and non-GMO vegetables will cost about the same or even less than low-welfare meats.


-When shopping for dairy and eggs, please be careful about the quality of the farms in which the animals are raised, for this can contribute to the maltreatment of farm animals.

-Loving a pet, is loving an animal that you don’t want to eat. Think about it! Love for animals should also apply for animals raised on farms, so please, take that into consideration if the rest of the article didn’t persuade you or inspire you.

-I have realized that meat truly doesn’t have the taste that vegetables and fruit do. And I know that some of you are asking: “From where do I get my protein?” Well,… : Mushrooms, Spinach, Eggs, Oats, Almonds, Cashews, Quinoa, Amaranth, Buckwheat, Flax, Chia, Soy……. See! The list goes on!

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