The Palm Oil Industry Destroying Borneo

Borneo is an island in the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, it is home to many endangered species in Indonesia such as Orangoutangs. Borneo is also a major oxygen supplier of south east Asia. The island might sound like a paradise, but recently, that has started to become less of the case. The palm oil industry requires the wide scale deforestation of Borneo’s rainforests, but the manner in which the plan oil companies have executed this deforestation is much worse than manually clearing: thousands of acres are torched to make way for the palm plantations. In the year 2016, and estimate of 2 billion tons of CO2 were released into the atmosphere as a result. In addition to high emissions, many endangered species living in those habitats were killed, injured or separated from their communities. In addition to contributing to the slaughter of animals, these fires and evictions executed by privatised security have also harmed the lifestyle and existence of many indigenous south east asians.

The palm oil industry in Indonesia is a perfect example of human rights violations and ecocide. It is clear that if we want to reverse the effects of global warming, preserve our eco-systems, and improve worldwide human rights records, the palm oil industry must end. Environmental/international lawyers and activists must unite and end the exploitation and destruction of Borneo caused by palm oil production, we must make a change in the matter, if we wish to see a brighter future for the Earth. Many organisations such as The Orangutang Project are making efforts to preserve wildlife and to stop the cruel palm oil industry. The WWF also has a page dedicated to sustainable agriculture in the topic of the palm oil industry. Next time you buy anything from lipstick, soap, detergent and even processed ice cream, check the ingredients and pay close attention as the name palm oil comes under many different names. Also beware of what might seem as innocent as “vegetable oil” but really contributes to human rights violations and ecocide.

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  1. IS OLIVE OIL IN THIS GROUP ? Most people use this or vegetable oil these days I think? Hope not for what would we use then?

  2. Nice article , Walter. I’ve been trying to use less palm oil . It seems to be in everything.

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