The New DAPL: Enbridge Pipeline 3

A new pipeline threatens the well being of native lands in parts of Canada, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Illinois and Ohio. This private Canadian oil company is putting in danger the Great Lakes, large reserves of water sacred to the Dakota and Ojibwa. It also endangers wildlife and crops that rely on underground water sources that risk being harmed by any oil leaking. We do not need this to happen again, with enough public action and petitioning, we just might be able to shut it down. If you “Stood With Standing Rock“, than you will definitely support the opposition of the pipeline. People of all backgrounds are gathering in British Alberta, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Minnesota to fight the quite offensive installation of the pipeline. Keystone XL pipeline is but a dwarf next to this one.


The solutions I propose at the moment, show your support for the cause on social media with the #Noline3 #StopEnbridge #NoOilPipelineMN. Sign petitions such as the one in the link below and go to the Red Lake Indian Chippewa Reservation in Minnesota. Boycott all oil use and consumption until justice is brought to the Indian People of the land. Rallies in the Twin Cities in Minnesota exist too, as well as in North Dakota, and Madison, Wisconsin. Please sign this petition, spread the word via email and social media, boycott oil and stand up for the rights of the most abused in the United States, the Indigenous and Mother Earth:


Show your support for #StopEnbridge:

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