Secondary Forest And Reforestation

A primary forest is a forest untouched by man, but a secondary forest is a modern or human-made eco-system. Re-forestation could be the solution to a lot of problems our planet faces, such as deforestation, specie extinction, pollution and global warming. All this sounds great, but when do we start?

Now is the time. We first begin by finding vacant, cleared, or at-risk territories and settle legal land claims. We do this by finding a community that is willing to reforest the area, such as a large local activist group. Then, the native plants and trees of the area are studied, the price for the quantities is calculated, and the plants are purchased. They can be purchased or grown in a nursery. Composting and fertilizing is the next step. Once we have a fertile land, we pull up our sleeves and plant trees, prune them, water them and watch them grow! It is also important to attract insects with plants, for this can attract or create the perfect environment for an animal eco-system.

That is all there is to it, and as activists all around the world, we need to get started, either locally or across the world, you can make change. The following is a list of reforestation and nature preservation organizations:

-Paraguay Forest Conservation Project 

-Eden Projects 

-Mexico Mixteco (Oaxaca) Reforestation and Sustainable Agriculture Project 

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  1. this is so cool because I had never thought of it this way but it could be relatively simple to take these steps with a local group or found a group! thank you for sharing 🙂

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