Saving Our Coral Reefs

Over the past couple of years, our coral reefs are depleting and dying. Pollution and climate change are to blame for the mass destruction of our reefs as well as careless tourism and dynamite fishing. Coral reefs are vital for the existence of our maritime eco-system, as well as life on earth. Corals trap carbon dioxide and release oxygen and are home to millions of maritime species, if all corals, anemones and polyps were to die, we would not have much time left. For us to save our coral reefs is to save all life on this planet. The matter is an urgent one, and the solution is more simple than we would like to think.

Marine biologist and environmentalist David Vaughan has dedicated himself to save our coral reefs, one coral at a time. He grows them in a safe environment and uses a culling method to breed adapted and healthy varieties that will survive pollution and climate change which he hopes will become less of a problem in the future. What we can do as individuals? Reduce our C02 emissions and emissions of other harmful gases and chemicals, avoid chemical sunscreen or skin products before going to sea, as the can deplete coral reefs, and not support dynamite fishing which is a very harmful practice for maritime eco-systems. It is a small amount of time we have to save the rapidly dying and critically endangered coral reefs, but it is never too late to change things and save the planet. The following is an organization dedicated to coral reef restoration:

Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire 

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