India And Pakistan Marking 70 Years of Independence

It has been 70 years since 1947, the year both Indian and Pakistan gained independence from 200 years of British colonial rule. Although the event called for an immense celebration, Pakistanis and Indians remember the hardships of what they both call the “partition”. This was the time in which the two large ethnic groups, the Indians and Pakistanis, parted the borders and formed the two nations. Pakistanis and Indians living outside their proposed territory were expulsed from their homes and moved into the lands in a violent rush to the borders. To this day, conflicts between the countries remain regarding the occupation of a region known as Kashmir.

Indian Prime Minister, Modi, calls for a “New India” which he describes a new democracy and forming a new relationship between Pakistan and India. Will this promise finally bring peace and tranquility to the two countries? Thousands hope to see a new relationship between the two countries that have for a long time been in a state of violence and conflict. What will the seventy years of independence bring to the countries located between South Asia and the Middle East? Lets hope for peace and prosperity for the region, and for continuously improving relations.

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