How To Have A Green Summer BBQ

Growing up in the South, BBQ’s are basically part of our culture. I remember back in my carnivore days having a hamburger horribly cooked by the hostess’ husband trying to impress everybody with his charred on one side and raw on the other burger or hotdog. I can recall the smell of chlorine and burning coal, and the sound of poorly supervised children falling down and scraping their knees and elbows by the slippery pool side where we would cannonball and belly flop. Well, I’m not trying to diabolize BBQ’s, ecologists and environmental activists get chills and goose bumps at the mere thought or invitation! Follow these steps and have your self a “Green” BBQ.

Pesticides and Herbicides

During the hot months of summer, mosquitos and flies are an immense threat to your BBQ that you have been planning for weeks now. But pesticides are most definitely NOT the answer. To get rid of annoying insects without harming the pollinators, take a lemongrass incense that smells quite good actually, and leave it to burn throughout the party. You may also take an under-ripe orange or grapefruit and stab it all over with dried cloves, this will chase away mosquitos and flies, but if the fruit is ripe, bees and butterflies will be attracted, if this does not bother you, then leave it hanging from the branch of a tree.

Coal-Powered Grills

Coal is the enemy of the environment. It pollutes immensely, is processed and obtained by workers in extremely poor condition, at risk of lung cancer, asthma and terrible infections. Gas too, is quite bad for the planet as well. Avoid burning oil, gas or coal, because the burning of the substance pollutes and creates a bad over-carbonated atmosphere. Try having a salad bar or something perhaps roasted over a sustainable and safe, propane and coal free campfire. Plus, having a campfire ready at dusk means s’mores late at night!

Solo Cups, Plastic Silverware And Paper Plates

Plastic and paper is always thrown into a landfill after used once or twice. Try going for the green option! In other words, go renewable. Real metal silverware, reusable cups, metal straws and nice plates. It’s the no waste, no litter option, you have a choice for what ends up into landfills, then the ocean.

Poor Quality, GMO Fed And Hormone Injected Meat

Oh My! Don’t get me started with what an environmental disaster this is. I can’t even discuss this AGAIN so, I’ve provided a link to my article on vegetarianism. Try wild game slow-roasted in the oven or grilled in a cast-iron over a nice wood campfire. Veggie burgers made out of Portabella Mushrooms! How about just nice picnic food? Potato salad (hold the bacon please), hard boiled eggs and a nice creamy Cole slaw. That sounds great, does it not?

Well, now you’re ready to host a green BBQ outside on a hot summers day! If you were to host a party like such, please invite me…NOW!





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