Greenland’s Natural Resources: A Blessing Or A Burden?

The current Danish Oversea Territory of Greenland is a breathtaking site. Within the arctic region (90% of the land mass) , the doesn’t set during the first half of summer, and remains dark during the coldest winter moths. Northern Lights and traditional Inuit throat singing are also quite amazing. Yet, it seems as if there is a trend to threaten native North Americans with mineral or natural resource exploitation.

Danish oil, mineral and gas companies have been taking advantage of the recently discovered natural resources of Greenland. Unfortunately, the Arctic is a prime victim of climate change and pollution. To put the problem into perspective, the island whose average temperature is typically sub-freezing, has experienced not one but two wildfires. Now, the arctic regions do not need another form of environmental threats. The traditional cuisine of the Inuit consists mostly of wild sea creatures. If oil drilling and pollution persists, then not only maritime creatures will be affected, but also the 2 million people within the area that rely on their survival and health.

In my opinion, the exploitation of natural resources has to stop. It will temporarily boost the economy and then lead to the destruction of marine wildlife. This will limit Greenland’s trade and resources such as seal or fish. If this is not stopped then, Greenland will no longer be able to provide themselves with their fish-based diet and economic trade with other countries.

Show your support to stop the cause and use the #nouraniumingreenland and #stoparcticdrilling on social media. Be cautious of products from the area, and try to limit oil and gas usage. Follow what’s happening in the area, sign petitions and attend fundraisers. Be engaged and aware of this topic, and never stop fighting against injustice.

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