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El Charco de Ingenio. (Botanical Garden of San Miguel de Allende)

With fellow students and peers in San Miguel de Allende, I recently started a teen group at El Charco Del Ingenio focusing on the well being of the environment. We had our second meeting today, discussing the threats that monarch butterflies face and the solutions to their endangerment. After an hour long meeting, we came to the conclusion that monitoring and observing their migratory route, and taking all measures possible for the pollinators to thrive and survive. Planting native trees and flowers was an option, I in fact have done research on the topic, and have suggested to the our school to use a vast green space behind the facility as a retreat for wildlife in the area, with a comity of students that take care of and observe the flora and fauna of the area. Quaternatura has just signed up on NaturaLista which is a social media type website and application in which you can follow people in your area and see what ecological projects, and what wildlife and plants have been found. We hope for any engaged and activist teenager in San Miguel de Allende to join our group now. Please contact me if you would like to join our group, and try your best to help these migratory pollinators.